Autumn in the Hudson Valley: President’s Message

Autumn in the Hudson Valley – truly a beautiful time in our region – has officially arrived. With the change in seasons, we like to take a detailed look at our strategic plan, our progress thus far, and our future.

We’ve been working on a number of exciting initiatives to help our agents and their customers. Many of these are works in progress, including the build-out of our new system BLUE360 and the transition to Statewide Underwriting Services (SWUS). As always, we’ll keep you updated along the way and alert you of new projects.

We’re also working on improvements that will directly benefit customer service and products that will positively affect agents’ profitable growth. Policyholders will benefit from competitive products and greater ease of doing business.

This is an exciting time. As a small insurance company, we’ve come a long way in just a few short years in building the infrastructure that will support us for decades to come. But there is still much more we look forward to accomplishing. As you know, building any business takes vision, motivation, perseverance, the right people in the right positions, and – of course – the cooperation and support of our stakeholders. A long-term success, particularly in our industry, strongly depends on the commitment of all of the players involved.

Our message to you is clear: We are here for the long run. Each of the three underwriting companies within SWUS – Mid-Hudson Co-Operative, Claverack Cooperative, and Midrox Insurance Company – have a longstanding tradition of serving local agents and policyholders. Collectively as SWUS, we have an impressive 360 years of experience serving New York agents and their customers!

The future holds great promise and opportunity. There will be challenges; success is not always a straight line. The path to success is winding and sometimes muddy, but we’ll continue to learn and adjust as we take each step forward. Remember that patience is a virtue. Throughout all of the changes, we remain dedicated to working together.

Thank you for your business and for your partnership.

By Eddie Harper, ARe, MBA

President & CEO

Statewide Underwriting Services

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