Montgomery Office:

(800) 721-5001/(845) 457-5001
Fax: (845) 457-5023

Kinderhook Office:

(800) 621-6190/(518) 672-4712
Fax: (518) 672-4803

Roxbury Office:

(800) 782-0834
Fax: (607) 326-4285


Edward Harper, President & CEO of Statewide; ext. 309

Fred Morse, President of Midrox; ext. 201


Mary Eisnor, Director of Accounting; ext. 310

Sandra Martino, Accounting Assistant; ext. 315

Dianna Cotter, Assistant Controller; ext. 307

Joanne Renz, Controller of Midrox; ext. 202

Commercial Lines Underwriting

Commercial Policies: SMP, Commercial Fire, BOP & Liquor Liability, M&C Contractors

Tom Johnson, Director of Underwriting; ext. 319

Inga Murphy, Commercial Underwriting Manager; ext. 323

Jessica Mulligan, Commercial Lines Underwriter; ext. 318

Ryan Zielinski, Underwriting Manager; ext. 103

Ryan Scandurra, Underwriting Assistant; ext. 322

Patti Moore, Underwriting Assistant; ext. 312

Sherry Rathbone, Senior CL and PL Underwriter; ext. 205

Frankie Mojica III, Risk Analyist; ext. 317

Personal Lines Underwriting

Homeowners (owner occupied), Seasonal/Secondary Homeowners, Manufactured Homeowners, Landlord Package Policies (LLP), Dwelling Fire

Gene Mitchell Sr., Personal Underwriting Manager; ext. 305

Stacie Romanelli, PL Underwriter; ext. 311

Lisa Stinchcomb, Senior Underwriting Assistant; ext. 303

Gene Mitchell Jr., PL Underwriting Assistant; ext. 325

Marisa Buckley, PL Underwriter; ext. 101

Melinda Hallenbeck, Senior Underwriting Assistant; ext. 102

Heidi Hartmann, Senior Underwriting Assistant; ext. 203


Roy Denny, Director of Marketing; ext. 316

Policy Administrators

Ronnie Carlson, Senior Technical Assistant; ext. 304

Carolyn Cleary, Technical Assistant; ext. 300

Tamela Harris, Senior Technical Assistant; ext. 100

Insurance Operations

Dale Hughes, Director of Insurance Operations; ext. 302


Chris Decker, Director of Claims; ext. 308

Dean Piaquadio, Regional Claims Manager; ext. 324

Kevin Barry, Regional Claims Manager; ext. 321

Barbara Messmer, Senior Claims Associate; ext. 204

24 Hour Claims Service
(800) 488-4215