Farm Insurance, Orange County, NY

Farming is a job without hours; it takes commitment and love. Farming is not only people’s vocation, but their lifestyle. Many factors can affect a farm’s productivity season to season, whether you grow crops, raise livestock, or both. Identifying risks and protecting against them are keys to survival. Carrying the right amount of insurance coverage can protect against unforeseen setbacks, and help you maintain through times need, and return to abundance.

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative farm owners insurance programs provide property and general liability for the owner/occupant of a farm; for a tenant who occupies a farm residence specifically identified in the policy for residential purposes and is engaged in the farming operation; for the non-occupant owner of the farm, if the farm is tenant operated under either the named insured’s direct management, lease agreement, or under the terms of a management contract. It is also for the owner or co-owner of the farm in a private or incorporated farming venture, whereas the named insured must have an equal or controlling financial interest in the venture, occupy the residence insured under the policy, and have primary supervision of the farm operation.


American dream? The farming family who lives on the land they work is as close as it comes. When your job is to tend to the fields and livestock just outside your door, you feel a special connection to your property. It is a relationship that deserves a special measure of insurance coverage.     

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative country squire Insurance programs provide property and general liability coverage for incidental and part-time farm operations and farm-related exposures only. The main residence must be owner occupied and used exclusively for residential purposes only. The main residence shall contain no more than two families. Corporations or partnerships may be added as additional insureds on this policy.


Make sure the buildings, and tenants, on your property are protected to the same degree you care for your land.A well-tended farm must include sound insurance coverage.

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative farm fire insurance covers farm personal property and farm structures. It can be used for a homeowner who needs to cover a barn(s) on their property, or for owners of tenant occupied farms.

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