Inland Marine

Cover your business for the loss of moving and movable property. Inland marine policies, available for specific items, can sometimes provide flexibility over other property-based policies, which can result in swifter resolutions. The term derives from a time when maritime transport was far more prevalent, but the asset protection these products provide is no less important today.

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative inland marine insurance can cover such things as:

  • machinery and equipment
  • contractor’s equipment
  • tools
  • livestock on a farm
  • computers
  • fine arts
  • jewelry
  • other personal articles

Inland Marine may be provided on Personal, Commercial, and Farm insurance policies. Inland marine coverage is only available in combination with another policy.

You can contact an authorized Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance agent any time to get a policy written that meets your needs.

When you’re ready to discuss your needs and options, you can find a local agent by using our Find an Agent page, or you may Contact Us directly for immediate personal assistance.

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Inland Marine Insurance, Orange County, NY Inland Marine Insurance, Orange County, NY