Personal Insurance, Orange County, NY

Personal insurance policies are designed to protect you and your family should unexpected, unfortunate setbacks occur. There are many types of personal insurance policies, and each provides coverages related to different aspects of everyday life.

How much personal insurance you carry, will be directly relative to personal details like your financial situation, your investments in property, and your lifestyle. The information we provide here is to serve as a guide in choosing which types of personal insurance policies may be right for you.


Homeowners insurance is carried to provide financial protection against damage sustained to your home and the items within. Along with damage to your property, it can also cover liability if you, a member of your family, or even your pet, cause injury or property damage to someone else. Though the scope of coverage is fairly wide, there are exceptions – most commonly damage by flood, earthquake, and poor upkeep. Additional coverage can be purchased for natural disasters, but general upkeep falls directly to the property owner.

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative homeowners policies provide property, liability, and medical payment coverage for owners/occupants of 1- or 2-family dwellings; tenants (non-owner) in an apartment or dwelling; and to owners of condominium units if the residence occupied by the insured is used for residential purposes. We can also cover seasonal and secondary dwellings.


We live in a technology-driven world, where connectivity and comfort go hand-in-hand. Get coverage for the sophisticated household systems you can’t live without, from major appliances and HVAC essentials, to computers and their peripherals, entertainment systems, and more. It’s peace of mind for your modern lifestyle!

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative equipment breakdown coverage is an automatic add-on* to our homeowners insurance plans. It protects you when important household systems are affected by direct physical loss or damage due to mechanical, electrical, or pressure failure. The cost of coverage is a fraction of the overall homeowner policy price, and provides protection up to $100,000 of coverage per occurrence – with just a $500 deductible!

*Policy holders may opt out of this additional coverage, and the difference in cost will be deducted from the overall policy cost.

Download our flier for Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage.


Coverage for your mobile or manufactured home, and everything in it, means peace of mind! Although very similar to traditional homeowner policies, coverage packages for manufactured homes differ in some ways. An authorized agent can walk you through the similarities and differences, and tell you what your insurance policy can protect.

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative manufactured homeowners policies provide property, liability, and medical payment coverage for owners/occupants of 1- and 2-family mobile homes, or tenants living in a mobile home.


Dwelling fire insurance is a streamlined coverage to protect a property in an unfortunate instance of fire damage. Despite the policy’s very specific name, it often covers other hazards as well – these may include things like burglary, vandalism, windstorms, lightning, and more.

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative dwelling fire policies are designed to provide property and liability coverage to 1- to 4-family dwellings that are vacant or partially vacant, under renovation, or in the course of construction. We also cover seasonal properties that are visited on a limited basis, as well as mobile homes.


Providing sound landlord coverage demonstrates that you understand the value and importance of an income property investment. Deliver thoughtful coverage that matches the care a landlord puts into choosing tenants and maintaining their properties. Scalable insurance packages can be tailored on a case-by-case basis for properties operated by individuals, partners, corporate entities, LLCs, or trusts, and includes coverage, limits, deductibles, and billing options.

Mid-Hudson Co-Operative landlord policies provide property and general liability for:*

  • to 2-family non-owner occupied dwellings that are rented to the same tenant on an annual basis
  • to 4-family dwellings rented on an annual basis, which may have owner occupancy
  • condominium and co-op apartments rented to the same tenant on an annual basis, or
  • mobile homes that are 10 years, or less, in age

* Exclusions apply.

Download our flier for the Landlord Package Program.

You can contact an authorized Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance agent any time to get a policy written that meets your needs.

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