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COMING UP: Statewide Underwriters Agency, Inc., our in-house managing general agent (MGA), has already allowed many of you to access commercial and personal lines umbrellas and the Main Street America Group, and you can only expect the related benefits to get better in the near future.

This year we’ll be transitioning Statewide Underwriters Agency, Inc. to Statewide Underwriting Services (SWUS), which will be the servicing agent to help facilitate and coordinate all major functions when doing business with Mid-Hudson Co-Op, Claverack Cooperative, and Midrox Ins. Co.


The Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Company is a co-operative insurance company in New York State formed for the purpose of insuring real and personal properties at a reasonable cost. Mid-Hudson Co-Operative is the only insurance company domiciled in Orange County and is chartered to write insurance throughout New York, including the five boroughs.

The Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Company was formed in 1900 by the Granges of Westchester and Putnam counties under the name “Westchester & Putnam Patrons’ Fire Relief Association” and served the farmers of these two counties only, until 1941 when the operating territory of the company was extended to include Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan counties. The company continued to grow and expand its territory and writing powers as needs changed, but still restricted its membership to Granges.

By the mid 1960’s, it became apparent that like all businesses, a larger volume was necessary to sustain the company. Therefore, the company started to solicit business from outside the Grange membership and branched out into many lines and types of insurance to fit the needs of the home, the farm, and small business in general.

Due to the increases in territory and operations, the old name “Westchester & Putnam Patrons’ Fire Relief Association”, no longer seemed to apply. So, the name Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Company was chosen to more adequately reflect the operations of the company.

Originally “Mid-Hudson” was able to handle property insurance against the perils of fire, lightning, wind, hail, smoke, smudge, aircraft, vehicle, riot and vandalism. Theft, burglary, glass and casualty insurance have been the most recent additions making it possible for “Mid-Hudson” to insure the popular package policies such as Farmowners, Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners, Landlord, Business Owners and Commercial Multi-Peril policies.

The goals of the company are:
  • to continue to meet the challenges of the future,
  • to work closely with its agents,
  • to furnish the best possible insurance protection for its policy holders; and to use prudent insurance rates that are both practical for policy holders and adequate to provide sufficient reserves to guarantee a financially sound company.


In 2018, the Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Company (MHC) was recognized as a Top Insurance Workplace by Insurance Business America’s annual report. Full details of the award, and nomination qualifications, can be read in the full press release located on our blog.