Coverage Information

Policy Coverages & Policy Terms

We offer the following coverages and you will need to contact an authorized Mid-Hudson agent in order to write any of the coverages listed below. You can find a local agent by going to our Find an Agent page or you may contact us if you need assistance

The coverage forms and policy terms listed below are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time.

Property Coverages

Basic Coverage – Form FL-1, FL-1R, ML-1 or SF-1 covers fire or lightning, wind or hail, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, sudden & accidental damage from smoke, vandalism (If not excluded), vehicle, glass & theft.

Broad Coverage – Form FL-2, ML-2, or SF-2 includes all basic form coverages plus: falling objects, weight of ice, snow & sleet, collapse, sudden tearing apart, accidental discharge, freezing, damage by artificially generated electrical current, water damage from leakage/overflow of plumbing, etc.

Special Coverage – Form FL-3, ML-3, or SF-3 covers your residence or business for “any” direct physical loss, not otherwise excluded (see your policy for list of exclusions).

Business Property – Form SF-4 covers your contacts for “any” direct physical loss, not otherwise excluded (see your policy for list of exclusions).

Business Property – No Theft – SF-4A covers your contacts for “any” direct physical loss, not otherwise excluded (see your policy for list of exclusions) and theft is excluded and not covered.

Form SF-5 – covers fire or lightning, wind or hail, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, sudden & accidental damage from smoke, vehicle, glass, sinkhole collapse, volcanic action & debris removal.

Form SF-6 – covers fire or lightning and debris removal only.

Liability Coverages

Form LS-1 – OL&T (Owners, Landlord & Tenants) – General liability coverage form for premises and operations liability coverage. Coverage for designated premises and related operations in progress other than structural alterations, new construction and demolition

Form LS-2 – MED PAY – This form is for medical payment coverage.

Form LS-3 – M & C – This form is for manufacturers and contractors liability coverage. Coverage for premises and for operations in progress including operations of independent contractors. This form is used on all M & C Small Contractors policies.

Form LS-5 – For general liability coverage, business general liability insurance. This form is found on mainly on business owner policies and special multi-peril policies for risks that have both a premises and products exposure.

Form LS-6 – For general liability coverage, business general liability insurance (extra coverage). This form is found mainly on church and grange policies.

Glossary of Policy Terms

These are just a few of the terms used in a policy that you may not be familiar with:

Assignment – this term clarifies who is the insured, to change the assignment of a policy you must get the companies’ written consent.

Insured Premises – means the residence described on the declarations page including related private structures and the grounds at the described location.

Residence – means a one to four family house, a townhouse, a row house or a one to two family mobile home owned by the insured and located on the insured premises.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) – means that property losses are settled on the basis of actual cash value including deduction for depreciation, however caused.

Replacement Cost (RC) – means property losses are settled on an replacement coat basis only if your policy limits are equal to or exceed 80% of the replacement value of the residence at the time of the loss. If your dwelling is not insured to at least 80% of its replacement value you will be subject to coinsurance penalties of the policy. (Refer to the terms of the replacement cost provision in the perils section of your policy)

Deductible – means the amount of money stated in the policy that applies to all perils insured against unless otherwise stated on the Declarations Page, Supplemental Declarations Page or any endorsement to the policy.

Business – means a trade, profession or other occupation including farming, all whether full or part-time. It does not include the rental or holding for rent of any part of the insured premises.

Domestic Employee – means a person employed by an insured to perform duties in connection with the maintenance or use of the insured premises. This does not include persons while performing duties in connection with an insured business.

Occurrence – means each and every disaster, casualty, accident, or loss or series of disasters, casualties, accidents or losses arising out of one event.

Property Damage – means damage to or the destruction of tangible property including the loss of its use.

Personal Liability and Medical Payments – coverage limits are stated on the declarations page. We pay for loss in a single occurrence under this coverage regardless of the number of parties who sustain injury or damage.

Terms – as used in your policy means provisions, limitations, exclusions, definitions and conditions.

Policy Changes

Contact Your Agent Immediately If You:

• Move from your present location, or have a change in address.

• Change the type of business being conducted at the property location.

• Sell your house or business.

• Plan to conduct a business on your premises.

• Are planning on having work done to your home or business by an outside party.

• Have added any additions, decks, a garage, etc. to your property that would increase its value.

• Are planning on being away for an extended period of time and your dwelling or business will be vacant or unoccupied.

• You have purchased valuable articles of jewelry or object(s) classified as fine arts, painting or collectibles.

• Change the name of your business.

• Add or delete a mortgagee or refinance to a new mortgagee.

• Purchase another location and need to add it to your current policy.

• Buy a piece of equipment for your business.

• Are planning on conducting business out of state.

• Would like to increase or decrease your property or liability coverage